Zane Morris Defends Thesis

Congratulations to Zane for successfully defending his Master’s thesis titled “Topology Optimization for Weldment Structures Using Bezier Curve-Based Cold-Formed Members.”

SMSD applauds Zane’s achievement and sends him best wishes for continued success in his future pursuits.

Ben Sinek Defends Thesis

Congratulations to Ben for a successful defence of his paper titled “Multi-Physics Multi-Material Topology Optimization for Minimum Compliance Problems with Thermal and Structural Considerations”!

Wishing Ben luck as he takes on new challenges and future endeavours.

Dylan Eisen Defends Thesis

We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dylan Eisen for the successful defense of his thesis titled: “Multi-domain multi-material topology optimization of a roller coaster vehicle bogie subject to multi-axial fatigue constraints.” The committee commended Dylan for the exceptional reception of his research.

Over the past two years, Dylan has been an invaluable part of our SMSD family, and it has been a pleasure to collaborate with him. We extend our best wishes to Dylan as he embarks on the next phase of his professional journey.

Olivia Blair Defends Thesis

Congratulations to Olivia for a successful defense of her thesis titled: “Integrated multi-material topology optimization and packaging optimization using a component-existence model.”

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Olivia over the past 2 years and wish her the best of luck with her future endeavors.

Melissa Young Begins Position at LSI Solutions

Congratulations to Melissa Young for starting a new position as a product design engineer for LSI Solutions; specializing in products for minimally invasive surgeries to improve patient outcomes.

Wishing you all the best in this exciting new chapter of your career. May it be filled with growth, learning, and many achievements.