Rubens Publication to Composite Structures

Congratulations to Rubens Bohrer for his recent publication to Composite Structures! His paper is titled “Concurrent topology and stacking sequence optimization of composite laminate plates using lamination parameters” and introduces a methodology for simultaneous optimization of both topology and composite stacking sequence. Incredible work, Rubens!

Link to paper:

Luke Crispo Publication in IJNME

Congratulations to Luke Crispo for his recent publication in the International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering! Luke’s paper titled “Part consolidation for additive manufacturing: A multilayered topology optimization approach” presents a novel method for part consolidation using a multi-objective problem statement in topology optimization.

Well done, Luke!

Link to paper :

Kiarash publication in SMO

Kiarash Kashanian recently published his paper titled “A novel method for concurrent thickness and material optimization of non-laminate structures” in Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization! The paper introduces a gradient-based approach for simultaneous thickness and material optimization using fully analytical sensitivities. Congratulations, Kiarash!

Link to the paper:

Matt Schmitt Journal Publication

Congratulations to Matt for his paper “Advancements to commercial 2D infill for lightweighting of structural FDM components” being published in Progress in Additive Manufacturing! Matt’s paper improves upon common commercial infill patterns by introducing continuously variable infill patterns. These changes showed improvement to failure strength and overall mass of 3D printed components.

Excellent work, Matt!

Publication link:

Stephen Roper publication to SMO

Stephen’s paper titled “Simultaneous isotropic and anisotropic multi-material topology
optimization for conceptual-level design of aerospace components” has been published to Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization. Stephen’s paper introduces the use of both isotropic and anisotropic materials in the same topology optimization 3D design space. Then, applies this multi-material optimization method to various components of a passenger aircraft seat.

Congratulations Stephen on your publication!

Publication link:

Evan Munroe publication to SMO

Evan’s paper titled “Structural design of a morphing serpentine inlet using a multi-material topology optimization methodology” has been published to Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization. Evan’s paper presents an approach for multi-material optimization of an aircraft inlet duct, and investigates the trade-offs between structural performance versus morphing ability of the inlet.

Congratulations Evan on your publication!

Publication link:

Vishrut Shah Publication!

Vishrut’s paper titled “Material interface control in multi-material topology
optimization using pseudo-cost domain method” was recently published in the International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering! Vishrut’s work involves multi-material topology optimization, and implements a new user-defined joint cost model. This new methodology provides a new tool for multi-material design with consideration of manufacturing costs. Congratulations Vishrut!

The paper can be found at: