5 Successful Defenses and Graduations!

It’s been a busy end to the fall semester as 5 SMSD members have successfully defended their theses and will be graduating in time for Christmas! Congratulations to Dr. Chris Carrick on his PhD defense and Garrett Vierhout, Ben Blackford, Patrick Kendall, and Michael Nucci for completing their MASc degrees.

We are all happy to see your hard work paying off and you will be missed in the lab. Good luck to you all in your future endeavors!

Vlad Florea Publication!

Congratulations to Vlad Florea for his publication of “3D multi-material and multi-joint topology optimization with tooling accessibility constraints“. His paper has been published in ” Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization“. Vlad’s work greatly expands the multi-material topology optimization research suite, with the continued development of joint optimization.

The link for Vlad’s paper can be found at: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00158-019-02344-1

Multiple SMSD Scholarships

Congratulations to the many SMSD students who have earned various scholarships!

Emily Dowdell: NSERC Scholarship

Kevin Conklin: NSERC Scholarship

Luke Crispo: NSERC Scholarship

Stephen Roper: OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship)

Rosalie Morin: Seanix Graduate Scholarship

Congratulations to Graeme Sabiston!

Graeme recently graduated with his MASc and has been hired as a flight test engineer at a Silicon Valley aerospace startup. Congratulations on your wonderful achievement, we wish you the best of luck in California; you will be very missed in the lab!

Multiple SMSD Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to many of our students on earning various scholarships. We are all proud to see your hard work pay-off, keep up the excellent work!

Benjamin Blackford: NSERC Scholarship

Kevin Fritz: R.S. McLaughlin Award

Stephen Roper: OGS (Ontario Graduate Scholarship)

Luke Crispo: OGS

Emily Dowdell: OGS

Kevin Conklin: QEII Graduate Scholarship

Evan Munroe: Zurbrigg Memorial Scholarship


Successful Masters Thesis Defense

Congratulations to Jaryd Traer who has successfully defended his masters thesis on “High Fidelity Additive Manufacturing Process Modelling for Residual Stress and Deformation”.  Jaryd has contributed heavily to the SMSD group and will be missed. We wish you success in your future endeavours!

Welcome New SMSD Members!

Congratulations to Rubens Bohrer, Kevin Conklin, Luke Crispo, and Evan Munroe on joining the SMSD lab!

Rubens is pursuing his PhD in SMSD, he received his MASc at Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica and spent 5 years as a development engineer at Embraer S.A..

Kevin, Luke, and Evan all earned their BASc at Queen’s Applied Science in mechanical engineering, and have decided to continue their studies as MASc students in SMSD.

Stephen Roper Brass Wrench Award!

Congratulations Stephen on receiving the Brass Wrench Award for the second year in a row! “Brass Wrench” Teaching Assistant Award, selected by fourth year mechanical engineering students for outstanding contribution to MECH 465.

Successful Masters Thesis Defenses

Congratulations to Luke Ryan and Christopher Woischwill who have both successfully defended their masters theses on “Finite Element Analysis of Nanometal-Polymer Hybrids with Experimental Validation“ and “Large Scale Topology Optimization”.  Luke and Chris have both made great contributions to the lab in their time spent in the SMSD group. We wish you all the best with your future endeavours!