Vishrut Shah Publication!

Vishrut’s paper titled “Material interface control in multi-material topology
optimization using pseudo-cost domain method” was recently published in the International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering! Vishrut’s work involves multi-material topology optimization, and implements a new user-defined joint cost model. This new methodology provides a new tool for multi-material design with consideration of manufacturing costs. Congratulations Vishrut!

The paper can be found at:

Kevin Conklin Thesis Defense!

Congratulations to Kevin Conklin for successfully defending his Master’s thesis! His thesis was titled “Topology Optimization and Additive Manufacturing-Based Parts Consolidation of an Aircraft Avionics Pedestal“. SMSD wishes Kevin the best in his future endeavors!

Successful Master’s Thesis Defense

Congratulations to Evan Munroe for successfully defending his Master’s thesis on “Structural Design of a Morphing Serpentine Inlet using a Multi-Material Topology Optimization Methodology“. Evan has made a great contribution to the SMSD group. We are wishing you the best of luck in your future pursuits!

SMSD welcomes eight new Master’s students!

SMSD is pleased to announce eight new students will be joining the group as of summer 2020! All of these students will be pursuing their Master’s degree under the supervision of Dr. Kim. This includes:

Wesley Dossett,

Andrew Hardman,

Yuhao Huang,

Shayan Jalayer,

Owen Pintar,

Ben Sinek,

Tim Sirola,

and Melissa Young.

Best of luck over the next two years!

Graeme Sabiston publication on additive manufacturing

Congratulations to Graeme for his paper “Void region restriction for additive manufacturing via a diffusion physics approach” in IJNME!

Graeme’s work is intended to increase the manufacturability of components created using topology optimization for additive manufacturing. His methodology works in both two- and three-dimensional problems using a particle swarm technique.

Publication link: